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At Capsul, we are dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality office equipment solutions. Our products are designed to help businesses of all sizes improve their productivity and efficiency.

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Why Choose Capsul


You need technology that works. Capsul delivers with
reliability and unexpected
features to make work better.


Technology shouldn’t be
complicated. Our product lineup and features are curated to give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.


Our streamlined approach
passes savings your way.
Workplace essentials don’t need to break the budget.

Our Products



  • Where did the Capsul brand come from?
    The team behind Capsul had collectively spent decades working in the office technology industry. We became disillusioned with the rising prices, slow pace of innovation, and portfolio complexity that characterized most legacy brands. Instead, we were inspired by the way upstarts in other industries had changed the game with high-quality, low-cost solutions by paring back on unnecessary features to give consumers exactly what they needed and nothing they didn't. Think low-cost airlines or store brand coffee beans. We partnered with world class designers, engineers, and factories to produce a simple but advanced lineup of office technology solutions we're proud to call everyday essentials.
  • What is Capsul?
    Capsul is a brand of high-quality, low-cost office essentials. We work with top notch designers, engineers, and factories from around the globe to deliver a curated selection of reliable workplace solutions. The Capsul line currently includes a simple selection of printers and MFPs, and we plan to introduce new product categories in the coming years.
  • How is Capsul different from other brands?
    Office technology can be complex and expensive, but it shouldn't have to be. Legacy brands give you option overload with too many models to choose from, features you don't use, and lots of marketing spin glossing over old technology. All that came with high prices because you were stuck paying for more than you need. But, what if we distilled office technology down to its essence - exactly what you need and nothing you don't. That's Capsul - a well curated selection of everyday office essentials.
  • Do I need a printer or MFP?
    This depends on how you plan to use the device and what features you need. Traditional printers can only print digital documents. If you mostly plan to print jobs from your computer, cell phone, or another device on your network, that might give you everything you need. On the other hand, MFPs (multifunction printers or "all in ones") can print, copy, and scan documents. This allows you to copy or scan hardcopy documents as well as print digital documents. If versatility is important, an MFP gives you flexibility to work with documents in multiple way.
  • Which toner cartridge should I get?
    All our A4 toner cartridges are interchangeable and work across all our A4 printers and MFPs. We offer toner cartridges with different page yields: 3,000 pages, 6,000 pages, and 12,000 pages. Just like milk at the grocery store, we give you a discount on higher yield cartridges, so your cost per page is lower.
  • What print speed should I get?
    Print speed is a good indicator for the overall power of the machine. But, bigger isn't always better if you don't print enough to benefit from it. Many legacy brands have tried to oversell bigger and faster MFPs, which offer much more capability than the typical office needs. When picking the right print speed for you, think about your typical print jobs and how many you do per month. If your typical print job is just a few pages at a time, lower print speeds will be sufficient. Similarly, if you don't print more than a few times per day, a lower speed device is fine. In larger environments where multiple workers share the same device and routinely print larger jobs, higher print speeds can be beneficial. Capsul offers printers and MFPs in 33 page per minute and 40 page per minute variants. Most small offices and home users will find 33 ppm speeds to be more than adequate for their needs. Larger offices or heavier print environments will benefit from the higher speeds of a 40 ppm device.
  • I am an organization or home user. Where can I buy Capsul?
    Capsul exclusively sells through channel partners, including office equipment dealers, office and electronics retailers, IT service providers, and office products resellers. Visit our Where to Buy page for more information.
  • I am a reseller. Where can I buy Capsul?
    Image Star is Capsul's authorized distributor for North America. Resellers interested in selling Capsul products should contact Image Star for information on the channel partner program, item catalogue and pricing, and aftersale support.
  • I'm having trouble installing my Capsul device.
    Every Capsul device comes with an easy to follow Quick Start Guide. If you need more detailed information, you can also find user manuals on our website on the Support page. If you need additional assistance, contact us at for technical support.
  • My Capsul device isn't working. What do I do?
    We're sorry to hear that! We work hard to make sure every device lives up to your expectations. We stand by our products with a complete manufacturer warranty against design and manufacturing defects for one year from purchase. To file a warranty claim, please contact the reseller you purchased the device from.
  • Where can I have my Capsul device repaired?
    We design Capsul printers to last, and with regular maintenance, we hope you will enjoy your purchase for years to come. If you are looking for repairs to a Capsul device outside of warranty, please check with the reseller who sold you the device. Many of our channel partners offer repair and maintenance services. Check out our Where to Buy page for more information.
  • I need support for my Capsul device. Where can I find user information?
    Visit our support page for product manuals, software drivers, warranty information, and more.
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