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Capsul's Channel Partner Program offers sales and marketing support, special recognition, and financial rewards for resellers who promote the Capsul brand and extend its reach to new users.


True Blue Ocean Potential

Capsul is a new and growing brand with untapped potential ahead. We offer quality products at superior value with the essential simplicity consumers grave. Unlike legacy brands where you likely have competitors right next door, you can stand out from the crowd with Capsul and offer your clients a compelling new vision for office technology.


Bottom Line Impact

Our channel partners offer invaluable contributions to the Capsul business. When you partner with us, we make it worth your while with a total value proposition that gives you superior margin potential and preserves price integrity.


Committed to the Channel

Capsul operates a channel-first strategy, and all Capsul users purchased their device from a Capsul reseller. When you join our channel program, we promote you as an authorized partner and refer incoming leads. From onboarding to deal closing, we offer the sales and marketing support to help make your team successful with Capsul.

Join our Channel Partner Program

Complete our informational form to join the Capsul Channel Partner Program. We will be in touch to learn more about your business and how you can grow with Capsul.

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