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Capsul Manufacturer Warranty

Every Capsul product includes a Standard Manufacturer's Warranty to protect against internal hardware failure due to manufacturing defects. Customer will be provided with a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number for the defective device and a return shipping tag addressed to Image Star, Capsul's authorized distributor and administrator of the Standard Manufacturer Warranty. After Image Star confirms receipt of the defective unit, a replacement device will be shipped to the customer at no cost via ground shipping. See Terms & Conditions or contact for further details and exclusions.

The following terms apply for the Standard Manufacturer Warranty:

  • To receive the benefits of our warranty programs, customers may be required to perform troubleshooting with Capsul technical support professionals.

  • Customer may be required to provide a dated invoice or other proof of purchase from a Capsul authorized distributor or authorized reseller to be eligible for a warranty benefit.

  • Customer will be required to provide basic product information including model or part number and serial number if applicable.

  • The Standard Manufacturer's Warranty term is one year from the date of purchase from a Capsul authorized distributor or authorized reseller.

  • The warranty covers the repair or replacement of a hardware failure due to normal use or a manufacturer defect. The following is a non-comprehensive list of exclusions:​​

    • Damage caused by abuse, misuse, accident, modification, natural occurrences or disaster, theft, or an unsuitable physical or operating environment​

    • Failure to maintain or improper maintenance of the product

    • Cosmetic defects or damage that does not interfere with the proper operation of the product

  • If, during the course of a repair or replacement, there is no trouble found with the product or it is determined that the failure was caused by anything not covered by the warranty (including the items listed above), the customer may be billed for applicable costs

  • If product under warranty cannot be repaired or brought back to manufacturer's specifications, a similar or better replacement unit will be provided.

  • The terms and conditions contained herein apply to the United States of America only. Capsul's Standard Manufacturer's Warranty does not cover product purchased, sold, located, or used outside of the United States.

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